Our “New” Art Space In The Mini-Library Area

I’ve shared on my Instagram the other day the transformation for this space in the mini-library area of the living room. For the new year, one of my plans was to give Emma more room when she’s painting and doing her craft stuff. We were sharing the scrapbox/cabinet for a while and she wasn’t getting much light because of the cabinet doors and not much elbow room either. Not to mention how the cabinet has gotten so stuffed with materials. That kind of chaos for my original scrpabook/craft space was driving me crazy too.

Once I saw the kitchen island from an antique store I knew I had to grab it because it would make for a good replacement of the dining table that I was using for extra counter space in the kitchen, while I move it to that space in the living room.

Here’s the BEFORE pictures of this little space from the time we moved into this “new” home to now.


It used to be the record player space.


It became the scrapbox/cabinet space where Emma and I shared our art stuff including her painting space.

For the AFTER look, here is our new shared art space. I do my coloring here while Emma uses it for painting, crafts, and her laptop space too. As much as this is Emma’s painting area, I didn’t necessarily want all her paints displayed on the table too so I still have those stored in the cabinet and she just takes them out when it’s time to paint. I may not be the most organized person in the crafting world but I try to at least have some semblance and avoid having chaotic space as much as I can.






This is the 2nd “update” I’ve done in our home for 2017. I’ll share the rest of the living room and how I styled the book shelves again sometime soon. Oh Joy! 🙂

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