Flowers In Liquor Bottles & Glass Milk Jug

I received this beautiful huge bouquet of flowers from my husband on my 40th birthday. At first I placed them in a vase on top of the buffet table in the dining room  but I was already thinking of dividing them after a few days. I saw a beautiful spring mantel on Instagram months ago and I wanted to copy it this Spring but since I have these flowers now I figured this is the best time to test the look. I love it so muuuccchhhh!


These liquor bottles are from Scott’s. I just save and wash them thoroughly once he’s done with them. I recycle liquor bottles as often as I save wine bottles for decorating purposes, HAH! Seriously though, I need to stop soon.



I found 2 of these glass milk jugs from a roadside antique sale for $1 each. SCORE!!!! I placed the other one in the living room with some of the flowers from this same bouquet.



Come Spring and Summer I will use the glass milk jug as a centerpiece for the dining table but I will continue to use these clear liquor bottles as vases for the flowers from the garden. I had an abundance of zinnias and gladiolus last year so I’m hoping it would be the same this year. I’ve already planted tulips too so I can’t wait to see them this early spring and put them in these bottles.

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