The Mini-Library This January 2017


I’m just going to put dates on the titles every time I blog about my mini-library. This seems to be the area in our home that gets “updated” quite often. If not styling the shelves, it’s trying to fit everything in it. I should really paint the shelves white this year. Oh imagine that, I already have the next update in mind and I haven’t finished typing this yet, 😁. I don’t know how my husband keeps up with me. Well, here’s this month’s Mini-Library Tour.





This cabinet is my “scrapbox” where I do my craft and scrapbook projects. Emma used to share it with me with her own crafts and painting but I just gave her a bigger space using the kitchen dining table.



Like I always say, it may not be HGTV/magazine/designing show-worthy because let’s face it, not everyone have all the money to have those pristine looking home libraries we all see on Pinterest or magazines, but this is mine and it’s how I roll with the budget that I have or at least willing to spend money on.
I just love this part of our living room.

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