5 FABat40 #OOTD: Series 1

I’ve decided to start chronicling my #OOTD again for this blog since I have a Fashion section anyway. I’ve been posting my OOTDs on Instagram but I’ve figured I’d do a 5-series installment just to be fun. PLUS, I’m really happy with being FABULOUS at 40 and I just want to share that feeling. Life may not be perfect and we all face our own struggles here and there but when you dig deep down within, how do you really feel about yourself? Forget about the outside forces for a minute because the world is and will always be noisy and there are some things that are out of your control. But, how you feel internally matters a lot.

I know it’s a bit superficial that I’m associating feeling good with fashion & style but this is just a part of my reflection. I’m 40 but you’re not going to see me looking like shit because I don’t ever feel that way. Even when I’m feeling down or defeated or stressed out on a some days because HELLO, there’s that thing called, LIFE. As cliche as it gets, it’s really imperative that you completely and utterly LOVE YOURSELF. I hope somehow someway, some of you will get that.

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