“Catch A Butterfly” Mantel

5 weeks ago I regrammed this post by She Knows of Curious Details‘ butterfly gallery. I knew then that I am going to somehow find an empty wall somewhere in my house to make my own “Catch A Butterfly” gallery and corner. I already have plenty of butterfly decors associated practically in every room and corner of our home so it’s just a matter of gathering them and putting them all in one place. The trick is finding a place for it.

Earlier this month I found that place. All I have to do is move some things around and get more commando strips so I don’t have to put more holes in the wall, HAH! I’m also waiting on Scott to make the console table that will go in the corner for butterfly table accents. While I’m doing the waiting game, which by the way is really not my strong suit, I had an epiphany while taking a shower the other day. Don’t we all? I was thinking about what I would decorate the mantel once I take the Valentine’s Day decorations down. It came to me, how about a butterfly mantel? Like DUHHHHHHH??? How come with all of my butterfly stuff I’ve never decorated the mantel with butterflies?

VOILA, a butterfly mantel. It was like an out of body experience once I finished styling this mantel. This is the 3rd look. I originally had the white shutters with the butterfly print on the left side but I figured they should just stay in the middle. The print is from the $ store which I attached to the shutters using a double stick tape.

The metal butterfly is from Marshall’s which I found for $7.99 back in 2015. I found the LIVE / LOVE set from an Antique/Thrift store for $7 last November.

The metal butterfly tee candle holder was from Goodwill which I think was like .50cents. The gold frame with 2 butterflies was a gift from a friend years ago.

The blue frame with Autism puzzle butterfly is a DIY that I originally made for our dining room buffet table. I just printed the puzzle butterfly and spray painted a frame in blue for Autism’s #LightItUpBlue. I hot glued the butterfly into the frame and there you go. I  love this piece because it’s a combination of my 2 favorite things. Color blue and butterflies, BOOM!

I still have quite a few butterfly items that didn’t make it on this mantel because well, they won’t fit anymore. That’s ok though because once I work on my butterfly wall gallery and corner, they’re all going to be in one pretty place soon. For now, this butterfly mantel is just lovely if I say so myself. 🦋🦋🦋

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