Scrub Daddy Sponges

A couple of weekends ago I had kitchen sink problem which forced my Handyman husband to get underneath and do what plumbers do. He was frustrated and mad and when this things occur, your marriage is seriously tested, HAHA! But, because Mr. Scott is capable of fixing pretty much anything which saves us a lot of money, albeit all the grunts and cussing in between, he fixed my sink. Between the grease(oooops), popcorn kernels, food scraps, and remnants of dish sponges, all is well now. I really should start thinking about buying a dishwasher but the hookup is right next to the washer & dryer and I really don’t need another bulky appliance to fill up the weird layout of my kitchen.

So anyway, upon reading about sponges being part of the drainage problem, my Mother-In-Law sent me these Scrub Daddy sponges. I haven’t tried them yet. The mailman just literally dropped them off. My MIL speaks highly of them. From a simple google search, the company apparently went on ABC’s Shark Tank show.

An amazingly versatile cleaning tool for the kitchen and beyond! Scrub Daddy’s patented cut out smiley face design is made unique by its exclusive scratch-free FlexTexture® material. His one-of-a-kind pores adjust with your water temperature to change his scrubbing texture. In warm water, he becomes soft and compressible; in cold water he becomes firm to give you even more scrubbing power. Use him on dishes, cookware, appliances and more! Scrub Daddy is safe to use on wood, plastic, copper, cast iron, fiberglass, stainless steel, vinyl, car exterior paint, non-stick coatings and glass. He’s even dishwasher and washing machine safe!

Ergonomically designed for an easy grip, his eyes accommodate two fingers to eliminate slippage while in use. His mouth is designed to clean both sides of forks, spoons, knives and other utensils at once. Unlike traditional sponges, Scrub Daddy has been independently lab tested to rinse clean of debris and resist odors for up to two months. Instead of requiring different tools for different surfaces, use Scrub Daddy to help you clean from room to room – with a smile! Indoors and out, he’s the ideal tool for every cleanup job imaginable. (source)

I’m actually excited to use them. Them smilies are definitely cute. I’ll definitely write a follow up review soon. Have you tried Scrub Daddy? What do you think?

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