Kitchen Island Turned Microwave Table

This is a BEFORE look of this area of my kitchen before I found the kitchen island back in December. Any generous soul out there who wants to sponsor a kitchen makeover? I mean, I just need counter space and cabinets. Oh and enclose the laundry area on the other side of this kitchen. Seriously, my kitchen has a weird layout and is lacking of counter space that I have to be creative in utilizing everything. It’s a decent size and I can live with the fact that our laundry area is part of it too but daaaannnngggg the lack of counter space is killing me. Everything has a solution of course. Everything costs a lot of money too so there’s the main problem.

Anyway, I’ve moved that table now to the library area and turned it into Emma’s art and craft space. I found a kitchen island from an Antique store around my birthday last year. Instead of placing it in the middle of the kitchen to use it as an island, I turned it into a microwave table.

VOILA! The bottom shelf serves as a storage for potatoes and the bowl of onions/garlic/tomatoes/avocado/mangoes/whathaveyous…

I wouldn’t mind it at all if I use this as it should be, an island that would give me an extra counter space in the middle of the kitchen but the truth is, we’ve gotten so used to having that middle space that I just know my family would be irritated that they’d have to go around the island to go to the sink or when they open the fridge or when they have to get cups or plates. Having that middle space is just too convenient for all of us.

By the way, I took these pictures last month. I’ve already made changes in the plate gallery and I’ve changed my mind about the storage in the bottom of the island. I’m moving the potatoes and bowl of stuff to where they used to be because I’m going to do some rearranging with containers and covers. I’ve planned on getting a couple of baskets or decorative canvas boxes for them then put ’em in the bottom shelf that way it’ll cover the microwave cord and will keep the potatoes and stuff away from the dog who started sniffing them.

The offer about sponsoring my kitchen makeover is still open though and probably will be open unless I suddenly win the lottery.

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