Hubby’s To-Do List: Early Spring Preparations

Technically, I’ve been preparing for Spring gardening since Fall season when I plated the tulip and anemones bulbs and transplanted the 2 hydrangea plants from the back of the house to the front side where I’ve planted the first 2 hydrangeas last Spring. I’ve also spent a few days last month pulling out all the weeds from the front garden. This year we’ve decided to shortened our huge deck to get more parking space in the back. Scott and Caine worked on it for a couple of weekends after Church.

Last weekend Scott stained the newly added lattice on the deck. He’s not sure yet if he’s going to do a second coat which I think he should. He also built the raised bed boxes that goes on each side. They’re going to look so good with the soil and flowers I’m going to plant soon. I also have decorations for the lattice that I’m looking forward to hang on each side.

And lastly, he built and stained the trellis for the climbing rose plant located on the side of the house with the hydrangeas. Speaking of roses, I’ve planted 4 more rose plants in our rose garden which I hope will flourish by summer. This year’s gardening is a bit more serious because I’m establishing perennial blooms with peonies, roses, and azaleas. I’m still going to be planting zinnias like last year which would help cover the bare ground as the perennials go through the process.

Spring, here we come!

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