Dancing Is Good For My Soul

After 2 weeks of not working out due to a tooth extraction earlier this month and then having the flu the week after, I was finally able to do so yesterday. Goodness gracious how my body craved dancing. I don’t run(but I walk the dog every morning). I don’t go to the gym. I don’t use whatever workout equipment my husband uses in the garage except for my light arm weights(3-5-10 pounds) when I do tone and resistance exercise on Wednesdays and Fridays. I do however, DANCE. It is as easy as music123 for musically inclined people. I knew that The Fitness Marshall has new videos up as well so I was just waiting and waiting until I’ve stopped coughing and sneezing like crazy to start dancing. It felt sooooo good.

The “Shape Of You” routine is not blocked by WMG anymore too so I definitely had fun!!

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Mother of 2. She drinks a lot of coffee on weekdays and she drinks wine on the weekend. She also eats a lot of chocolate, pork, and sushi.