My VIDEOS: Dancing To #TheFitnessMarshall’s Dance Routines

As promised in my Instagram this morning, here’s the full video of me dancing to The Fitness Marshall‘s Subeme La Radio dance cardio routine. There are 2 more videos actually, Tinashe’s Company and I Got You by Bebe Rexha. As if I haven’t said it enough, I LOVE TO DANCE. I’m a 40 yr old mama who will be a dancing grandmother if/when my children will decide to give me grandchildren, of course.

I’m not here to go viral or anything. I’m here to feel good about myself. I’m 40 with 2 children, one has Autism. This year has been a commitment for me and my husband to basically not drop dead in our living room. We want to be active, healthy, and be ALIVE for our children. Getting back to size 6 is impossible for me but hey, if that pretty dress I bought from JCPenny a few months ago suddenly fits perfectly then that’s an added bonus. 💃

In any event, if watching a 40yr old Mama dance to popular music bothers the heck out of you please feel free to Boycott Dexie, HAH! I personally think I can dance and damn good at it so I’ll continue to dance. Thanks to The Fitness Marshall for making this Mama look forward to dancing in her living room as soon as that school bus leaves in the morning. If I inspire one person to do the same even for just 30 minutes a day then that’s AWESOME! Dancing has no age limit. Don’t ever let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise. ENJOY!

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Mother of 2. She drinks a lot of coffee on weekdays and she drinks wine on the weekend. She also eats a lot of chocolate, pork, and sushi.