#AUTISM: Easter Fun At Church

We just got home from our Church’s Easter festivities for the children. 500 eggs were hunted, WHEWWWW! Emma only found 16 because all she cared about were the glittered eggs, HAHA!

Before the egg hunting our Pastor told the kids the real reason for Easter. He picked volunteers to play certain roles as he told the story of how Jesus was crucified and risen from the dead. Emma volunteered to be one of the soldiers who guarded the tomb.

Kids were on a mission to hunt eggs and they sure did a good job.

Then it was lunch time. Afterwards the kids decorated cookies and ate more sweet stuff. Emma’s (K-1st grade)SPED Teacher goes to the same Church and she made those twinkies with chocolate covered pretzels and peep rabbits. What an awesome idea.

Emma had fun. She was more comfortable in talking to other people and kids too. It was cute how when got to Church she saw a table covered with blankets so she asked someone what was in it. The table had all the props for the Pastor’s story but the lady didn’t know it at the time Emma asked her. Just the fact that she’s more chatty with everyone is all that matters. Once she gets comfortable with people around her she’s more confident and more verbal.

I hope everyone have a lovely Easter weekend.

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