Which No-Churn Avocado Ice Cream Recipe Should I Follow? Food Network VS Yummy PH

I love avocado! Guacamole, freshly sliced, or in a bowl with cold milk and a little bit of sugar. I was going to make avocado ice cream last year but somehow never did. I know I made blueberry ice cream though because our neighbor gave us a lot of fresh blueberries. This year I’ll make sure to add avocado ice cream on my list. Now the thing is, which recipe should I follow? The one from Food Network or Yummy PH.

You got the joke? They’re basically the same ☺️☺️. I’m still debating whether I should do the no-churn route or stick with the churned ice cream. I actually like listening to my ice cream maker churning. It gives that satisfaction of knowing I made homemade ice cream. Even though I’ve been making homemade ice cream for a few years now I still feel that excitement whenever I take out the ice cream maker over the summer. Chances are, I’ll opt for the no-churn version but if you need an easier recipe to follow just pick your video above.

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