Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle Salted Caramel W/ Dark Chocolate Drizzle

THESE.ARE.SO.DEADLY.ADDICTINGLY.GOOD! My mother-in-law introduced me to Sheila G’s brownie brittle treats. Oh my goodness. I happen to love peanut brittle. I grew up on that thing which my parents bought from Baguio Philippines when I was little. I love the thin sticky treat full of peanuts. When I saw the “brownie brittle” on the package I just knew I was about to be transported into sweet heaven. Hello, brownie and salted caramel flavors plus the thin texture of a brittle and for an added bonus, the dark chocolate drizzle on top. Unlike peanut brittle though, brownie brittle is not sticky. The thin texture will remind you of a cracker with all the goodness of a brownie plus all the added flavors.

We found these at Ollie’s and there are other flavors available like chocolate chip, pretzels, mint, peanut butter, etc. FYI, I was eating the last brittle so I tried my best to take a picture of it. I planned on blogging about it but almost forgot to take pictures so please bear with the 1 last brittle. I’ll get the other variants sometime and take better pictures then. In the meantime though, seriously, unless you’re allergic or anything, don’t let your life pass by without trying Brownie Brittle.

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