A Short “Adventure” Time At Howell Woods

While I was planting flowers to fix the flower boxes that turned into a jungle mess(because of the wild flowers we plated there early this season,more on this some other time) last Saturday, Emma insisted she was going on an adventure. Where to though was her big problem. It was hot and I was knee deep in dirt, soil, and pesky gnats. Scott decided to take a walk with her around out area so she could go on her “adventure” armed with her fully packed bag pack and her cellphone. Coz you know, she can check google maps just in case she gets lost.

The next day we decided to take her to Howell Woods so she can get her adventure time which to her is basically having a nature walk. It ended up being a short adventure time because the weather was damp and the mosquitoes were biting us real bad. We took Chase with us too so he got his morning walk as well. We’re definitely going back here another day, preferably when it’s warmer because I’d take the sun over mosquito bites anytime.

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