When The Wild Flowers Mix Turns Into A Jungle

Back in March, Scott built me 2 flowers boxes for the back deck that he also shortened to give more ground space for the cars. A couple of weeks after that he put soil into the flower boxes and sprinkled wild flowers mix seeds as planned. Immediately after the seedlings came up and we got excited for the flowers that will bloom from both flower boxes. As days went by it just seemed like we weren’t getting any flowers at all and the plants were rotting. I suspected that Scott put too much seeds in them. He divided the bag in half but I think we could’ve actually used less on each box and have plenty of leftover mixed seeds to plant somewhere else.

Too much green but no flowers. Each side had tomato plants too but Scott transplanted them in his vegetable garden before I pulled out everything else.

This weekend we decided to pull them out and just start all over. We went to our local Nursery and got a few zinnias, celosias, marigolds, and verbenas. A flat tray of only $14 and  these are great quality!

I planted them last Saturday. Here they are now, taken this Monday morning. All the way back are seedlings of Morning Glory which I’m hoping would grow to cover the latices. I’m going to get more packets to add sometime. Morning Glory flowers are very easy to grow. Just sow ’em directly into the soil and they’ll grow fast.

I still had a few left zinnias after the flower boxes so I planted a couple in the green pig planter. Cute!

I had enough to plant around the post by the fire pit too. I should probably pull out the weeds around this area soon, yeah?

I’m looking forward to seeing all these flowers in full bloom and all the butterflies they will attract. I’ve already seen a few in the front yard which I really should take pictures of so I could blog about a BEFORE and AFTER thing soon. I’ll just do that tomorrow or the next if I forget, HAH!

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