Nanay Lolit Solis Opines On The Real Status Of ALDUB

Since a lot of people are asking new instagrammer Lolit Solis on what she thinks is the real status of ALDUB, she obliged. As honest as she can be she said Alden and Maine have a foundation for a friendship. To translate her thoughts, it’s possible that they’re not ON yet but it’s also possible to go there because of their friendship which typically happens in the beginning. However, if their friendship doesn’t blossom into a relationship, Alden and Maine can still be bestfriends. She then advised the fans to just wait and be patient.

That’s probably not what what the ADN fans are expecting to read since they would fight you tooth and nail in making you believe ALDUB is real and not just reel(despite IGstories showing otherwise) but there you go. Nay Lolit explained it carefully to avoid being bashed, HAH!

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