Pretty Pot Holders & Hot Plate Mats That I’m Afraid To Use

Last month I received these pretty pot holders and hot plate mats from Scott’s Aunt. She made them herself and she said the materials are the same with firemen’s gloves. I fell in love with them right away. The cereal box prints and plain red on the back are just so adorable. They’re so pretty that I’m afraid to use because I don’t want them to get dirty, EVER! I mean, I told Scott I might frame them and use decors which he actually had no problem of, HAHA!

I suppose I’ve used them as decors since I just casually placed them on the buffet table. They’re just too pretty to look at. Until last night when I actually needed a hot plate mat to hold the grown-up mac’n’cheese with bacon dish that I made for dinner. That was the best time to finally use it. I made sure no one spilled on the mat though because, aaaaahhhh, I would’ve told all of them to stop eating until I cleaned it up. That’s how crazy I am, 😜.

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