The Printed Wide Trousers By Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, & Marian Rivera

If you’re wondering how to pull off the printed wide trousers style, look no further than Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, and Marian Rivera. They’ve shown how to be sophisticated and feel comfortable in their printed pants.

Liza’s stylist likes to play with patterns. This can be a bit tricky so make sure the top is not bulky. You don’t want the two items to clash so try to find the balance. What I love about these looks is that it’s fun for Liza’s age yet controlled.

Nadine is a cool chica who knows what looks good on her. A simple crop top with the printed H&M pants and she was ready for It’s Showtime.

Marian is the epitome of chic, casual, and comfort. Pairing a red poplin button down top with the bold printed top was perfect for a story conference. A Club Monaco white cropped top with the blue trouser was apropos for a California summer look. Marian has that effortless style that just matches every situation and well, the weather. Both pants are from Johanna Ortiz.

(Images: @perrytabora, @joannagee, @marian_ootd)

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