My Sunflower Patch

Sometime in April my husband built a fence on the other side of our back deck for my sunflower patch. Last year I planted sunflowers in the same area but I also had hydrangeas and zinnias in there too. This year I only want sunflowers there so I moved the hydrangeas on the side of the house and did not plant zinnias in that are. I was getting stressed out though because our Yellow Lab enjoys digging in that particular spot. I placed 2 palettes during winter so he’d leave the space alone. I removed the palettes in time for Spring gardening but I just knew the dog will dig his way through China and will ruin anything I plant there. Hubby came to the rescue by building a fence around it.

FTD Sunflower Sweetness Bouquet

I think a week after he built the fence was when I sowed the sunflower seeds that I saved from last year’s flowers. We’ve had terrible rains since then and there were days when this patch was slightly flooded. I didn’t think my seeds would ever make it but, they did and here they are.

I’m looking forward for all of them to bloom. The good thing is there are still small plants coming up so I’m guessing I’ll have sunflowers that’ll continue to grow through early Fall. 🌻🌻🌻

FTD Have Fun Laugh Lots Hydrangea Plant by Hallmark - FedEx

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