How Is James Reid & Nadine Lustre’s Live-In Situation Any Of Our Business?

I tried to avoid this topic that’s suddenly hounding James Reid and Nadine Lustre because I know how the Live-In situation is such a taboo concept in Pinoy culture for some people and I know once I open my mouth heads are gonna roll even though it’s like 2017 but, after reading Lolit Solis take on it I figured I might as well opine too.

Hay naku big deal ngayon ang issue na live in na sila James Reid st Nadine Lustre. Ewan ko kung bakit big issue ito eh nasa edad na ang dalawa at wala naman mga sabit. Saka di ba naman sabi ng iba, mas mabuti na iyon magsama muna kayo at magkakilalang mabuti bago pakasal at the time na tali na kayong dalawa, kilalang kilala ninyo na ang bawat isa. Saka may foreign blood naman si James kaya di na kataka-taka na medyo modern ang approach niya sa relasyon at hindi old fashion filipino values ang sinusunod kaya tanggapin na lang natin kung anuman ang gusto nila. May mga magulang naman sila na gumagabay sa kanila at idasal na lang natin na magtagal at magtagumpay ang kanilang relasyon. #instatalk #lolitkulit #70naako 💕 @jaye.wolf @nadzlustre

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Find Amazing Indoor/Outdoor Home Décor at!Seriously, how is this any of our business? James and Nadine are two consenting taxpaying adults in their 20’s. Some Filipinos need to get off their high horses and mind their own business. What, because they should be role models to kids? They should set an example? First of all, JaDine or any other celebrities for that matter can only be role models to kids out there to a point because IT IS NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO RAISE YOUR CHILD. Kids and teenagers can go googly eyes towards the two all they want but at the end of the day it’s their own parents that need to or SHOULD be teaching them whatever it is they want them to learn in life. Furthermore, living together doesn’t make James and Nadine(or any other celebrities in the same situation) bad people.

From a relationship standpoint, living-in helps the couple get to know one another. You learn to compromise and basically deal with your partner’s quirkiness. Leaving the toilet seat up, whether one prefers the toilet paper under or over, what kind of food each other likes, what side of bed one prefers, who’s messy in the living room, who takes the trash out, who does the dishes, whether you like the nightlight in the hallway or not, how you like to prop your feet in the ottoman, how many unnecessary pillows you want in your couch, when your partner burps or farts, stuff like that. These minor things could annoy anybody believe it or not but once you’ve had the time to live with the person you won’t feel like pounding your head into the wall anymore.

Having said all that, let me be clear that I am not saying you should live with your partner before marriage. Do whatever the hell you want since it’s your relationship the same way THIS is JaDine’s own relationship and they’re not telling you what to do with your life so maybe we should just stay in our lanes and mind our own beeswax.

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