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PoolCenter Flat Rate Shipping, 100,000 PartsOur house used to have an above ground pool but the son of the homeowner who used to live here tore it down, with deck and all. That was one of the things I was really sad about when we were in the process of purchasing the house. If I remember it right, the homeowner was mad about it too. She probably could’ve asked for a higher price if the pool was still in it. So anyway, I knew then that we could definitely fit another pool in the backyard and that has always been a plan. Of course it would be awesome if it was an in-ground pool but that would cost even more than we are willing to spend. Something like Tuscany above-the-ground-pool was the more realistic option, budget wise. Well, sort of. As life happens, something always comes up. Every time we find one on Offer-Up we still have to buy the liner that actually costs a lot.

Last month Emma was invited to a Luau Party and the house has a commercial Coleman above-the-ground pool that you could easily find at Walmart. The kids were having so much fun. Scott talked to me about just getting something like that instead. This heat has been so unbearable so I finally said OK. Earlier this month Scott went to get one.

He and Caine assembled it early in the morning that took 30 minutes and I believe 9 hours to fill it up with water. This pool is 16×48 and it takes 5000 gallons of water but we only filled it up to 4830 gallons. The pool came with the tarp that goes on the ground, filter pump, maintenance kit, a cover, and the ladder. We still had to buy the filter that goes into the pump(it catches bugs. dirt,e tc), chlorine tablets, and the floater to hold the tablets. The overall cost was still way more affordable than if we get the above-ground-pool that we originally planned. This pool should last us a few years

Next year Scott is going to build a platform that will extend the deck to the pool so the two would be attached together. Basically, this is where you will find me and Emma during the day and sometimes after dinner and on the weekends with the 4 of us if Caine is not working.

Mermaid FEELS 💙 #Summer #pooltime (swipe —–>)

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