Flower Boxes & Sunflower Patch Update

Sometime in May I turned the flower boxes into having a more pleasant view by replacing the “flower mixed jungle” with zinnias, celosias, and marigolds instead. Now they’re all growing and I’ve filled up the lattices with the vines from Morning Glory plants as well.

I might have to plan it a little better next year. Maybe just 3 zinnia plants on each box so each have more space to grow in. Especially the orange, white, and pink zinnias. Oh and I probably should cut the zinnias and bring them inside. I hope the Morning Glory would start flowering soon. I know I planted blue, pink, and purple so they’re going to look so beautiful in the lattice. Just in case you’re wondering, yes those are tomatoes. Scott has a few planted in containers.

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I wrote about my sunflower patch last month and there were only 4 sunflowers then but now they’re all coming out and it’s just so beautiful. This will probably continue until early Fall.

Just like the Zinnias, I should probably cut some of the sunflowers to put in a vase. I think the term is deadheading which helps the plants produce more flowers. I might just cut a bunch of flowers this weekend.

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