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Cute Video Of The Day: Scarlet Snow & Maria Letizia


Scarlet Snow and Maria Letizia are just too cute for words. I’m sure Dra. Belo is not the first one to wonder where these cuties will be 18 years from now. Like I said in my comment on this post on Instagram, wherever they will be in the future I hope they remain friends for life like real sisters who love and support each other. These moments right now will probably recreated in photos someday and that’s going to be beautiful.

@scarletsnowbelo and Letiizia Gracia Dantes developing their "sisterhood handshake " at age 1 and a half years and 2 years 5 months old . Looking at them I wonder where they will be in 18 years . [2]

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Scarlet and Zia will probably have cute moments as flower girls in the Belo-Kho wedding coming this September in Paris [4]. I can’t wait to see the pictures and videos.