KC Concepcion Is Working On Her #BestBodyEver

KC Concepcion has been posting throwback pictures of magazine features showing her fittest form. In her latest one, she delved deeper onto her journey of getting her #BestBodyEver. She talked about getting the dengue, pneumonia, and the death of her grandmother. All of these factors affected her body, from severe cortisol deficiency/chronic fatigue which resulted to her weight gain. KC revealed that her sensitivity to chemicals, supplements, and sugar made it harder to get “help” for weight loss. But, KC is now focusing her lifestyle change the healthy way on her way to her best body ever.

17/07/17 I'm on a journey to getting my #BestBodyEver as naturally as possible!!! 🖤 It's been 2 years since getting the dreaded dengue virus AND pneumonia too, just 4 months apart- as you can imagine, my body went completely haywire! My grandma passed away during this time as well so I went through severe cortisol deficiency/chronic fatigue. I began gaining weight rapidly at a pace I couldn't even keep track of. I'm super sensitive to chemicals, supplements & sugar so it's generally harder for me to get "help" for weight loss. That means, I have to work extra hard to get back on track. 😤😬 I'm focusing on that healthy #LifestyleChange with eating, exercise, resting, stress management & being GOOD to ur mind & body every single day!!! 🙌🏻 Each body is different. Get to know yourself & understand what your body went through FIRST & helping it the right way will follow. #LiveHappy ♥️ NO EXCUSES!!! #TheKCFitnessDiary xoxo

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Good luck, KC. With knowledge about your body and what you need to do, resources available to you in terms of fitness regimens, etc, and of course will and motivation, your goal for best body ever will be staring at you in the mirror in no time.

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