Easy Improvements for Creating a Greener Home

Living a greener lifestyle doesn’t have to mean giving up your car, renting an allotment and living like the stars of The Good Life. There are lots of small and simple home improvements you can make which will reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills, and give you a good start on the road to sustainable living. Here is a quick look at some simple ways to make your home a green one:

Loft Insulation

You don’t need to completely renovate your home to benefit from modern insulation. There are easy-to-install insulations solutions such as cellulose insulation and spray foam. This insulation takes very little time to install, and can offer substantial savings on your heating bills.

Dress Your Windows

Getting double glazing is the best long-term solution to drafts and heat loss, but there are other ways to save energy. Black-out curtains can keep heat in during the winter, and keep your home cool during the summer. Another inexpensive quick fix is “energy film”, which is a transparent film that you can stick to your windows. It’s invisible, scratch resistant, and a low-cost way to slash your energy bills.

Fix Your Taps

The amount of water wasted by dripping taps and small leaks can really mount up over the course of a year. It only takes a few minutes to fix a dripping tap, and it will save precious water.

Boil Only What You need

Instead of filling the kettle all the way up every time you use it, boil only the amount of water that you need. You’ll save time and energy.

Batch Up Your Washing

Instead of running the washing machine several times a week on the half-load setting, try to batch up your washing and do one or two full loads per week. If your clothes aren’t heavily soiled, use the 40 degrees setting (or cooler, if your washing machine offers it). You could save around 30% on the cost of running your washing machine.

Turn Down the Thermostat

If you turn down your thermostat by just one degree, you probably won’t notice the difference in temperature, but your wallet will notice the difference when your gas bill comes in! If you’re feeling the cold, consider wearing a jumper instead of turning up the heat.

Go Solar

Buying a full bank of solar panels for your roof is an expensive proposition, but there are other ways to harness solar power. Solar garden lights are inexpensive, and offer a convenient way to ensure that your garden path is illuminated, making it easy for you to navigate when you get home late at night. Solar mobile phone chargers are coming down in price, too. Instead of tying up one of your plugs for your mobile phone charger, why not take a solar charger with you and rest it on the windowsill in your office. Your phone will get charged steadily throughout the day, and you’ll reduce the amount of electricity that gets wasted.

Going green doesn’t have to be hard!


About the author:
Jon Platy is the content co-ordinator for Principal Homebuyers – a UK based property company specialising in matching buyers and sellers. You can read his latest piece about explaining property options here.

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