Minions/Pool Party Theme For Emma’s 11th Birthday

Emmaboo turned 11 last Friday so we had like a double celebration for her. Friday was for cupcakes and we let her open some gifts and then her birthday party was the next day, Saturday. She wanted a Minions/Pool party therefore that’s what she got. I’ve never seen so much yellow in my life that’s for sure. I didn’t want to just do all Minions though so I balanced it out with other pastel colors plus some beach items like buckets and sea shells which I already have in the house so that was easy.

She also wanted a Pinata and we found this Minion one from Wal-Mart. Scott filled that up with an $8-bag worth of candies and party favors.

The beach buckets served as bowls for chips. I got this cool idea from Pinterest, of course. I filled up my sea shell with ring pops and the large bucket was filled with ice cubes to keep the ice pops cold. A mason jar was used for Twizzlers ala pool noodles.

The beach buckets are from the Dollar Store by the way. (Wash and dry thoroughly before using.)

The Minions beach cake was perfect.

Gotta have her favorite food Pizza for her party.

The yellow pompoms were really pretty if I say so myself. I found it at the Dollar Store as well.

Scott filled up the pool with water balloons which Emma and her friends enjoyed immensely.

Here’s my beautiful birthday girl who called the day “the best birthday party ever” which we ended with our family night swimming.

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