My Zinnias Parade For 2017

Before this summer season ends, let me share with your my zinnias from the garden. It was HOT AF this year and watering the plants every other day so the flowers don’t dry up to death was brutal. I usually did it after walking the dog so add that to the sweat from my morning workout before that helped me firm up a bit. Well, at least I think I did. The few days of rain were really much appreciated. But, I digress.

I did a similar post in 2016 so I figured I’d keep the tradition going. I’ve had plenty this year and I’ve put them in vases all over the house which made my heart tremendously happy. They’re still thriving and I’m loving the pop of colors it brings into the front yard. I’m guessing I still have a few weeks left of them going into September so I’m going to enjoy the beauty these flowers bring as much and for as long as I can.

Next year I plan to cluster them all in one place in order for the flowers would look even more luscious and so I don’t have to keep chasing the butterflies that visits them everyday. How’s your gardening this year?

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