Breastfeeding Pinays Organization Appreciates Marian Rivera For Advocating Breastfeeding In Public

A huge part of the Inquirer interview with Marian Rivera was her firm stand on her breastfeeding advocacy and pointing out how unfair it is for someone to criticize her on breastfeeding her child. Say what you want about her work, it’s part of the job. You don’t like her personality, that’s your prerogative. HOWEVER, it’s another story when you bash her for feeding her child through breastfeeding which is an integral part of her responsibility as a mother. Marian has never one to back down when fighting for what she thinks is right and she’s not about to now especially when it involves motherhood which she has embraced wholeheartedly.

Marian Rivera will be the first person to tell you that marriage and motherhood have indeed changed her for the better—she says she’s 10 times more patient and prefers to let life’s “unavoidable inconveniences” slide. But, put the welfare of her lovely 1-year-old daughter Baby Zia on the line, and you’ll bring out the tough-talking virago in her.

Last week, when we met Marian at One Rockwell—she lives nearby, “mga limang tumbling lang mula dito”—to discuss her splashy return to the teleserye scene by way of “Super Ma’am” (which begins its telecast on Sept. 18), talk about what a netizen perceived as the “inappropriateness” of breast-feeding in public quickly put the 33-year-old actress on the defensive.

“When my daughter is hungry, it doesn’t matter where I am, I will feed her—pakisulat ’yan (please write that down)—I don’t care kung sosyalan ’yan o ano pa mang okasyon,” she told Inquirer Entertainment.

The actress later explained to us that what riled her was an “offensive” social media post. “You can’t bash me for doing my obligation as a mother,” she reiterated. “Alangan namang sabihin ko, ‘Wait lang, anak, naka-gown ako, mamaya na lang after three hours. If she’s hungry, I will find a private corner, cover myself up (with a nursing shawl) at magpapa-dede ako!”

“Hindi naman ako mag-eeskandalo … na ibubuyangyang ko ang dede ko habang nagpapasuso sa anak ko (I won’t create a scandal by letting my breasts hang out while feeding my kid). I know how to protect myself.

“I’m a proud breast-feeding advocate—hindi ko ipe-pending ang nutrition ng anak ko, just because she still can’t appreciate foie gras. You’re being narrow-minded when you judge mothers who breast-feed in public. Are you going to call me malaswa (obscene) because I covered myself up?”

Yup, GMA 7’s so-called Primetime Queen is back, and so is her feisty (and very quotable) candor—which, we must point out, provides a refreshing change of pace for Tinseltown’s manufactured “politeness.”(source)

Breastfeeding Pinays organization is very much appreciative of Marian’s efforts in normalizing and advocating for breastfeeding in public. Last month she was honored by University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

This is why our role as breastfeeding advocates is very important. We need to speak up and educate others about normalizing breastfeeding in public. We appreciate @marianrivera for defending her right to breastfeed because as a mother, it is her role to give the best for her child. Let us not back down when we are attacked for breastfeeding. Keep informing others, with understanding and kindness, how beneficial and crucial breastfeeding is for the health of all mothers and our children. Stay strong, Breastfeeding Pinay! ❤️ @inquirerdotnet #bfpinays #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeeding #breastfeedingpinays

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Marian knows when to ignore the nuances of social media brought about by being in the entertainment industry. She knows when to keep quiet but, she also knows when to draw the line and to make you understand she’s not your doormat. Straight Up!

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