Duff Goldman Bacon Cheddar Biscuits Mix

I’ve forgotten about these Duff Bacon Cheddar Biscuits that I made back in July. WHOOOOPS! Scott wanted to try them so I figured why not. Biscuits mix by Food Network Chef Duff Goldman. He’s a cool Chef and I like him. I’ve used his Purple Rain cake mix before because Emma loves purple and baking so I figured it would be fun for her and it was.

The instruction on the box is pretty explanatory. Just add milk, butter, and cheddar cheese. Follow what it says and you can’t go wrong.

I actually planned on making the biscuits to go along with soup for dinner but Scott wanted them for breakfast so that’s what we did. Slice the biscuit in half, spread some butter and YUM!

Eat them for breakfast or with soups for dinner, it’s up to you. It’s easy, fast, and very convenient to have in the pantry for sure.

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