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Pearson Knight is an independent, free-spirited hair stylist + style maker who has been defining his own unique path from the very start. After years of development + testing, Pearson has created and released the first small batch of the perfect formulas to achieve everyday beauty with high-fashion performance. PK by Pearson Knight is a reflection of Pearson’s nomadic lifestyle, sense of adventure and honest values. Everyday beauty and performance is now available for all. YES!

Pearson Knight Straight Shine
Straight Shine Blowout Lotion is the blowout lotion that leaves hair ultra-straight and smooth and gives hair a healthy appearance. For the perfect blowout, apply into hands and distribute evenly throughout damp hair then blow dry. Adjust amount of product for your hair’s texture, length and density.

Good for: Getting straight to the point. On all things in life.
Pairs with: Beach Grit for more volume and response with your blow dry.

Pearson Knight Texture Mud
‘Yeah, I did that’ — you know, for those days you’ve gotta roll outta bed + rock out your day with that slept-in, flawsome look. It’s not a paste. It’s not a fiber. It’s not even a pomade or a wax. It’s Texture Mud, a blend of almost all, into a molding mud with extreme pliable mold and performance. Texture Mud allows for a hold that lasts all day and night. Whether your style is a pompadour, spikes, or pixie, this product is for you. Texture Mud was created and tested to create the best performance, hold, and texture. For effortless texture and hold, apply into palms, then work through damp or dry hair to define and shape as desired.

Good for: Skipping the shower + heading straight to the party.
Pairs with: Sculpture Foam for stronger shaping and hold.

Pearson Knight Sculpture Foam
Curl is excellent for sculpting short hair looks or maintaining curls. It has professional grade performance without being too sticky or heavy and doesn’t flake when brushed out. For weightless definition, volume + strong hold distribute evenly into damp hair from root to end, then blow dry. For natural curly hair looks, manipulate the hold and softness of curl lightly with hands

Good for: Keeping high fashion looks under control — for real.
Pairs with: Straight Shine for a voluminous blowout.

Pearson Knight Beach Grit
Beach Grit is a leave-in product that will give your tresses a tousled beach look. Mist damp or dry hair from root to tip for easy, undone texture and enhanced natural waves. Or, just hit the roots for extra volume.

Good for: Looking like your hair is on vacation. At the beach.
Pairs with: Straight Shine for the perfect blowout.

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