Alarm Pheromone Ala The Pioneer Woman

I was just reading The Pioneer Woman’s blog post from November 14th where she was describing her husband’s(The Marlboro Man) ability to pick up some kind of her Alarm Pheromone for being married for as long as they have been and I immediately thought of my own Alarm Pheromone moment with my husband last Friday. After getting back from the woods he decided to go to the store to get himself a case of beer while I was still cooking for dinner so we could start our binge-watching of The Punisher on Netflix after dinner. Just saving time and all. While he was at the store I received a phone call from my Dad which unfortunately sometimes leaves me stressed out in the end. The distance(he lives in California) being the culprit as usual. Among other things, hah!

Anyway, Scott got home and we got to talking about something not related to any phone conversation I’ve just had. I went on with cooking dinner and somehow someway he sensed it. 20 years of marriage and the freaking guy could tell something was up. He asked what was wrong even though I haven’t even informed him yet about anything. It wasn’t the first time it happened of course yet it always blows my mind whenever it does. I think I’m going to borrow Ree Drummond’s term for it now. I hope she doesn’t mind. Alarm Pheromone is totally real, HAH!

PS, the image above is from last Saturday. That’s basically us after lunch just watching TV. We’re so young, fun, energized, and such active people to hang around with…..NOT! 😁😅😂

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