WATCH: Julie Anne San Jose’s Musical Impressions

I have to be honest, the only musical impression that I thought Julie Anne San Jose nailed perfectly was the one with Shakira. Julie Anne has such a distinctive powerful voice that her musical identity just shines through. You know what I mean? She’s not an impersonator and that’s a huge compliment. In the world where everyone is starting to sound the same, having your own identity is gold. Julie Anne does a lot of cover songs and in all of them, she brings forth her MyJaps sound, vibe, and flavor that in most cases her covers are even better than the original, with all due respect to the artists of course. It’s just my honest observation.

Anyhoooo, Julie Anne was cute when she tried to sing ala Regine Velasquez. You could tell she respects and truly idolizes The Asia’s Songbird that she was blushing from the start. Watch the video below.

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