Kris Aquino On Being Written Off

Good morning… Have you ever been written off? I have- on several occasions & over several decades. And truth is- it hurt like hell. But i wasn’t raised to indulge in self pity. And i am a MOTHER, responsible for the emotional, physical, and financial well being of 2 boys i love more than LIFE. So doors, roads, and avenues closed. But, ALLELUIA, God bless the internet! Because the digital age is upon us & because of this, the online skyway opened up for me; the one asset i have that works so well in this medium is AUTHENTICITY. Today my small team that’s young enough to fervently believe that there are still many YESes coming our way will fly to Singapore for our 2017 assessment & 2018 planning. And we’ll meet with Google/YouTube as well as Facebook/Instagram (the platform i’m most comfortable with- obvious, right?) REGIONAL offices for their guidance & inputs… please wag kayong magsawa sa PASASALAMAT ko? Thank you from a very grateful heart that you gave me another chance to stay connected with you & for my team to create a viable business model w/ trusted brands now partnering w/ us to give you real experiences, real engagement, and real entertainment. Thank you for continuing to choose to #LiveLifeWithKris 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💝🌈

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