Christmas Tour: Living Room/Library Area

Except for a few items that were bought after Christmas last year and a 5-minute DIY wreath, I’ve just used what Christmas decorations I already have. It was a matter of being creative in presentation, I suppose. So, still doing the red theme because we like festive around here. I checked on how I did the mantel last year and I basically just switched the places of the JOY marque lights and nativity set. And I think I used red garlands instead of the silver and green this year.



Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree. I’m going to try to find more blue ornaments after Christmas to add into this tree next year. I wasn’t sure about the cascading red ribbon on the tree but Scott likes them so I’ve kept them this year. I’ll do something different next year.

I bought these two faux poinsettia plants to place out front but after picking them up from the ground for the 5th time I brought them inside. It’s just too windy to stay put. They look good in the fireplace so there we go. 

The Santa snow globe is a new item. 


I made the wreath in less than 5 minutes with whatever supply I already have. Red ribbon and holly, VOILA!

I have a few Christmas books from Debbie Macomber so I thought it would be cute to showcase them this way. I should really find time to read them though and I will 🙂 .

That’s my Scrapbook/Craft cabinet which I actually just organized. Refer to video at the end of this post. 

The Santa sign is a new item. 

My stick ladder turned Christmas card holder with red beads garland.

This is actually my favorite decor this year. 

This is the end of my Christmas home tour. I already posted our foyer earlier this month sharing my humble Christmas villages. And if you missed it yesterday, here’s the dining room.

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