#ThrowbackThursday: Maine Mendoza Freely Uses The Word “Mongoloid”

In 2 instances that we know of thanks to social media, Maine Mendoza have used the word Mongoloid to describe a person. First was back in 2010 when she called President Noynoy Aquino as such then again on October 2016 when referring to her love team partner Alden Richards.

Maine Mendoza‘s fans are criticizing Alden Richards for using the word “Gaga” and what they claim as his manner of saying it because in their twisted comprehension it proves that he’s gay. Here’s the thing, I would take “gaga,” whether Alden or whomever is gay, straight, bisexual, or WHATEVER, over someone calling anyone a Mongoloid in a derogatory way, ANY DAY!

Mongol, mongoloid, mongy. All continue to be thrown around as insults, not just for those with Down’s syndrome, but for anyone with special needs, as well as being an offensive term for an idiot. (source)

Definition of Mongoloid
1 : of, constituting, or characteristic of a race of humankind native to Asia and classified according to physical features (such as the presence of an epicanthal fold)
2 often not capitalized, dated, now usually offensive : of, relating to, or affected with Down syndrome
— Mongoloid noun (source)

Not only is the word offensive to people with Down’s syndrome but it is also offensive to Mongolians. If you were a Mongol, how would you like to hear your nationality used as a word that meant “slow”, “stupid” or “idiot”? In an age where people are seeing the consequences bullying has on its victims, why would you promote a negative word with negative pictures? This word is not only harmful to people with Down’s syndrome but to Mongolians. (source)

Please don’t defend her by saying she was joking or being playful because everyone knows that anyone who uses the word in these days and age(not to mention Maine’s brand of mock comedy) is most definitely using it as an insult.

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