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Marian Rivera Respectfully Appeals: #NoToMomShaming

Before anything else, how BEAUTIFUL is this Mother and Child portrait of Marian and Ziggy? Be still our hearts!!

Now onto the topic. Based on one super cute photo that Marian shared on her IGS yesterday of Ziggy wanting more of his mashed baby food broccoli, some people must have assumed Marian doesn’t have a pediatrician for her children. They must have assumed that Marian has stopped breastfeeding and is now just feeding Ziggy solid baby foods exclusively. They must have assumed that Marian would jeopardize her children. They must have assumed that Marian will do things to her babies without consulting her children’s pediatrician. I mean, SERIOUSLY. Without disrespecting your beliefs, ways, and discrediting what WHO is recommending, I would like to believe that Mothers, of all people, would know that a fellow Mom wouldn’t just irresponsibly do something to her baby without consulting a Doctor/Expert/Pediatrician. More so on Marian who, lets face it, has all the resources available if need be. Did you really think she woke up one day and just decided it’s time?

From my own experience of having 2 babies, I myself started baby food at 4 months while breastfeeding. That was never a problem for my children’s pediatricians. I never would’ve done it if it wasn’t recommended. As a matter of fact, the baby food was pretty much provided for me thanks to the WIC Program(google it) which starts from pregnancy, to baby being born until 5 yrs. old(although I stopped applying for it once my children were about 3 if I recall) . Here are some online resources stating that it’s okay to start baby food from 4-6 months.

Follow whatever guidelines you choose. Do what your kids’ pediatrician recommends. Do what you think is right for YOUR OWN baby. But don’t shame Marian or any other Moms for that matter in your Facebook groups just because they’re doing something else. First of all, you don’t have all the details why the pedia advised Marian to do this. You don’t know how much and how often. You are not aware of Ziggy’s development. All you saw was one photo. You can also tell me that I don’t know what the pedia told Marian either(or maybe I do 😉 ) and that would be fair. Bottom line, Marian Rivera, while she may not be a perfect Mom because NO ONE IS and we’re all just doing our best for our children, she would not do anything without her children’s pediatrician’s advice, recommendation, or approval.

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