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Esquire Philippines Calls Out Heart Evangelista’s PPE Fashion

Tone-deaf much??? Then again……….

Many have criticized Evangelista’s insensitivity to those who can’t afford PPEs, while others are saying that she has donated a lot for pandemic relief to be spared of scrutiny.

But, the fact that COVID-19 has killed hundreds of thousands still remains. In a country that hasn’t flattened the curve, much less passed the first wave (as of May 21, the Philippines has 13,434 confirmed cases with 846 deaths), it’s a tone-deaf move. This, along with the fact that health workers and frontliners are still in need of PPEs, is enough of a reason not to flaunt “new normal looks.”

Another argument brought up by a number of Twitter users is that Evangelista was actually promoting the use of proper safety equipment. To this we say, a simple mask selfie would have sufficed.

We know it was all for show because no matter how rich you are, you’re definitely not slathering Lysol on your P900,000 Hermès bag. At a time when fashion is taking a step back from the spotlight, it would be wise to think if what you’re doing makes sense.(READ MORE HERE)

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