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2020 Christmas Scene In The Living Room

Using what I already have and just rearranging from the previous years, I present my living room all decked for the Christmas season. I usually have the Nutcrakers up on the book shelves but this year I figured I’d put them on the centerstage by placing them in the mantel/fireplace. Sometime in this lifetime we really need to fill the fireplace up with gas so we can actually use it. I keep saying that every year but we never do it because it doesn’t get cold enough and doesn’t snow(that much, if ever) in this State. Until then, I’ll keep decorating it with lights.

I’ve decided to make a Santa corner since I have enough Santa paraphernalia to fill a top shelf. And Baby Yoda because we love him to bits and we are fans of The Mandalorian.

I wanted a short song title or line for my chalkboard and aside from Silent Night, O Holy Night kinda called on me so I wrote that. Of course, the Nativity set. The reason for Christmas!

These pine cones were picked up from the backyard when we first moved into our house. I soaked and cleaned them with water. Air-dried then I dried them more in the oven. My house smelled sooooo divine the night I did that. I watched them like a hawk though because I didn’t want them to burn. It stayed in the oven long enough to blossom because when I washed them with water they closed up. Apply hear on the pines cones and they’ll come alive. So after that oven-drying process, left them overnight then spray painted them with white the next day. So that’s the story of my basket of pine cones!

Here’s how the other side of the living room aka mini-library looks which I posted a week ago. By the way, the pillows, I love the touch of red and I made pillowcases using a white with foliage print fabric for a touch of gold sprinkles.

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