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Ideas for Using Your Journal

You have a journal, but days have gone by and it remains empty. Maybe someone gave you the book as a present. Maybe you bought it and had plans to write something inside, but you never figured out what to write. A journal is your writing space, so you can fill it as creatively as you want. Consider these ideas.

Daily Lists

Don’t write in paragraphs, if that overwhelms you, or if you’re too short on time to write that much. List entries can be both fun and easy to look at again later. What do you want to list? Again, it’s your choice.

Many people create gratitude journals. You could write down a few things you’re thankful for each day. You may want to write down kindness thoughts, ideas of how to show more kindness to others or a list of kind things you’ve seen other people do over a day.

If you’re feeling aspirational, start a bucket list and include some more manageable goals alongside objectives that are harder to reach. Even grocery and to-do lists can have a place in your pages. Find what makes sense for you.

Writing Projects

Perhaps, you cringe at the thought of filling a journal with lists. To you, a journal must hold big thoughts, even if they start as wild sprawls of stream-of-consciousness. If you want to use your book as a starting place for a larger writing project, maybe you’re only struggling with how to start.

Set a timer. You don’t need to look far. You can use a phone app or a microwave to keep time. Once the timer is set, write. For additional encouragement, find some writing prompts or create your own. Grab a household item like a paperclip and let it inspire you.

Your journal is filled with blank pages that are entirely up to you on how you can fill them. There is no judgement from other eyes you need to worry about. All you need to do is start writing.

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