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Liza Soberano Is Asking The Right Questions

Yes she is!! Saying “tumahimik at tumulong ka na lang” is such a copout for people who were elected and should be accountable and should be doing their jobs HONESTLY and for the people who voted for them to be there. And I bet my bottom dollar that aside from paying huge taxes, Liza Soberano is among the celebrities who have helped tremendously during this pandemic and whenever the Philippines is hit once again with a disaster like typhoons. I am pretty sure that Liza, much like her fellow artistas, have gone above and beyond to help out their fellow Filipinos in time of crisis.

If you’re a taxpayer and a voter then you have every right to ask the right questions. Where in the world is your tax going? Where are all the donations and loans that other countries have given? Government shouldn’t just impose another lockdown or whatever it is it’s being called these days without any kind of solution or plan to help marginalized citizens. With needed protocols, the rest of the world is already heading towards “normalcy” with more businesses opening up, children going back to schools, stimulus help from the government, and vaccines rolling out.

Philippines is considered a 3rd World country yet in my opinion is actually a rich country with so many resources. It’s the people running it that get kickbacks and committing corruption that are the problems. Filipinos have responsibilities. You can start by voting the honest and qualified people then hold them accountable and responsible to do what they’re supposed to.

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