What Are Adjustable Window Screens and Why Use Them?

Adjustable window screens? Aren’t window screens adjustable already, as in you can open and close them? If your mind is a little confused as to what an adjustable window screen is, it is quite different than the window screens you might be most familiar with. 

Adjustable window screens can be placed and removed into nearly any window of any size, without the screen owner having to install any hardware. These window screens expand on the left and right sides to secure themselves into a window frame without the need of drilling any holes, screws, or anything else. 

They are one of the easiest and most convenient, as well as affordable, options you can add to any home, owned or rented. They can be adjusted to the variable open width easily. Two overlapping screens on a sliding track enable you to expand or contract the adjustable window screens to any width you require, while the height is usually fixed. 

Why Use Adjustable Screens? 

An example of why you might want to use adjustable window screens that may be familiar: perhaps you moved into an apartment housed within a much older home. Or, perhaps, you are renting a much older home, perhaps centuries old—and you notice one small flaw. There aren’t any window screens. 

Another scenario that adjustable window screens are perfect for? When you outright purchase a home, but the original window screens are damaged, battered, or worse—simply do not fit the look of your windows at all. Then, having adjustable window screens is an extremely easy and cost-effective solution. 

Having Window Screens is Important

You may be wondering if having a screen at all is that important. Most commonly, door and window screen additions or improvements aren’t at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds when they first move into any new home. While having windows and doors are an extremely important component to maintaining both a presentable home and your comfort, as well as curb appeal, many people forget to talk about screens and why they are so important to have. 

If you are on the fence or unsure about why having any window screens are important, here are a few simplified advantages of having them: 

  • Protection
  • Comfort
  • Critter Control

And unlike having to replace or install brand new windows and doors, an adjustable window screen isn’t costly at all. Adjustable window screens are all ready to go out of the package, meaning you do not need to hire a professional, it’s DIY friendly and practical. 


The primary and most important advantage to using adjustable window screens is protecting your home. They may not look like much at first glance, yet they remain one of the most incredibly effective barriers between the outside and the inside of your home. If you love to let fresh air into your home or need ventilation due to painting or other reasons, a screen should be mandatory. This allows you to enjoy the fresh air without the very annoying entrance of mosquitos, gnats, flies, and other insects that can be prolific during warmer months. Screens also halt debris such as leaves, pine needles, and dirt. They can also protect a window from impact given that the screen is often the first barrier between the glass. 

If you have pets, having a barrier between the outside world and the inside is extremely important. Nothing is more heart-wrenching than having a pet break out of your home. 

Financial Benefit

Having an adjustable window screen means being able to leave windows open without the startling appearance of smaller critters that might come and go. Squirrels, raccoons, oppossums, even owls have flown or walked their way into homes without screens. While non-pet screens aren’t 100% tooth or claw proof, having an adjustable window screen provides enough protection to keep most of these critters out of your home, avoiding the mess and damages having one inside the house can incur. 

Other Benefits

If you have windows without screens, but you still wish to enjoy fresh air, adjustable screens are the perfect solution. 

  • Preassembled and easy to use.
  • Extremely cost-effective.
  • No need to hire a professional. Completely DIY.
  • Fits a wide variety of window screens.
  • No need to build a frame, buy a new window frame, or drill holes or do anything damaging to the window frame. 
  • Extremely lightweight yet durable, easy to pack up and move or store for the winter.
  • Protect your home from annoying, biting insects.
  • Keep dirt, dust, and debris from being blown into your home.
  • Discourage curious critters from moving in.
  • Keep indoor pets inside and safe. 
  • Protect the glass of your windows. 
  • Excellent ventilation. 
  • Enjoyment of fresh air without worry. 

With so many essential benefits, if you have been hesitant to purchase adjustable window screens, this is your sign to hesitate no more. Add these budget-friendly, easy-to-use, adjustable window screens to your home now and let the fresh air in. 

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