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Filipino Groceries From Sukli Online

It has been a long time since I ordered Filipino groceries online. I’ve been able to find supplies at Asian stores nearby. There’s a store about 30 minutes drive, and there’s one in Raleigh and near Fayetteville which are about an hour drive. For years that’s how I’ve been getting my sinigang mixes, childhood snack cravings, condiments, fresh Filipino vegetables, lumpia wrappers, frozen milkfish, preserved fruits in jars, etc.

I saw an ad a few weeks ago on Facebook of the store Sukli so I thought I’d check it out. My first instinct was to check if it has anything UBE. It does so I decided to order them and along with a few more staple items. If I order a certain amount I’ll get free shipping so I figured I might as well. A week and a half later my stuff came in and I couldn’t be happier. Downright giddy, actually. Check out all the UBE stuff above. I didn’t even know Ube condensed milk existed. 😱😱 They don’t have those at the nearby stores I go to or maybe I’m jut not looking hard enough these past few years. Nevertheless, I have them now and I’d certainly look for them when I run out.

By the way, they do have cold and frozen items. You’d have to pay extra shipping and handling fees of course. 

Saving these items for the Christmas Fruit Salad.

My children’s favorite snacks, YanYan. I haven’t had Pastillas in a long time so I got 1 pack. The Choco Knots is a free treat from Sukli.

I seem to always be searching for bamboo skewers and they can be so pricey. This 100-pack is only $1.19 at Sukli.

Gotta have Noodles.

Sinigang and Kare-Kare mixes plus this cute Wok that’s only $12.95. 

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