Marian Rivera Expresses Her Thoughts On Being Part Of Miss Universe 2021

Now that Miss Universe 2021 is over, Marian Rivera has found the time to truly express her thoughts on what a momentous experience she was a part of. No one can deny it, Marian Rivera will always be part of Miss Universe’s history. The beauty pageant turned 70 years old this year and it will keep going on for more years to come. Marian Rivera’s name is cemented in its records as one of the selection committee in 2021 which in my opinion had the strongest batch of empowered and intelligent ladies that I have seen. The winner, Miss India Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, is a powerhouse. Marian was one of the judges who picked her. BOOM!

From the Preliminary night Marian and co-judge Urvashi Rautela hit it off right away. They had so much fun laughing and dancing. I’m sure you’ve all seen the viral video now where Marian taught her the steps to her iconic novelty hit song, “Sabay Sabay Tayo.” That was Marian in all her authenticity that has endeared her to her public since she started in showbiz.

Photo from Coronation night where Marian looked STUNNING in her Francis Libiran dress. Marian thanked the designer and her GLAM Team for being with her through step of the way into her Miss Universe journey. Including and most importantly her husband, Dingdong Dantes.

On her last day, Marian’s joy and happiness are written all over her GORGEOUS face. Her smile was glowing like the sun, to quote fellow judge Urvashi Rautela when she described Marian during the prelims night.

Marian with the President of Miss Universe Org, Paula M. Shugart who imparted her wisdom on the importance of being authentic and that true beauty is how you carry yourself.

Throughout Marian’s journey as being handpicked to be one of the judges, she met some criticisms on her credentials which some were downright ignorant and frankly, atrociously mean because they wouldn’t bother googling. Or her manner of speaking the English language which elitist and toxic Filipinos have deduced to not knowing how to speak the American English(Pinoy standard, somehow) altogether, forgetting the FACT that Marian has a college degree which I’m sure used(and still does) an English syllabus while she was attending De La Salle University-Dasmariñas. This same toxicity that Marian has faced all throughout her career which makes her the most polarized name in the entertainment industry. But ALAS, Marian is Marian, she’s here standing proud, full of gratitude, confident on being who she is, STUNNING as always, successful in every corner of her life, and will continue to do so. Why? Because her authenticity shines through no matter how many times her fellow Filipinos have tried to mock and bring her down. Because when YOU GOT IT, YOU GOT IT and Marian Rivera DOES, in every sense of the word, and evidently, for the whole Universe! ✨✨

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