Maine Mendoza For L’Officiel Philippines Anniversary Issue

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Maine Mendoza would probably rise to TikTok stardom if she weren’t already famous. After all, this was how it all began for the comedian and TV host—with a series of amusing clips that broke the internet. Has it really been seven years since she entered the otherwise old-school, male-dominated local comedy scene? It feels like yesterday, yet so much has changed. Despite carrying the weight of the industry’s expectations on her shoulders, this funny girl is determined to define her path while still being able to let her hair down.

Read the full interview in our Anniversary Issue.
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Photographed by @charismalico
Styling and Creative Direction by @thedizriz
Produced by Loris Peña and @yannalopez
Makeup by @robbiepinera
Hair by @celestetuviera
Stylist Assisted by Yanna Lopez
Production Design by @arendale of Adset 
Video Direction by @himynameismv
Photographer’s Assistants JR Baylon and Karlo Baylon
Cover story by @pineapplechonx
Shot on location at
Sweater, dress, earrings from Fendi
Shoes from Tutum

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