Ria Atayde On Body Positivity For MEGA July 2022

Ria Atayde has come a long way. She’s changed from being a people pleaser who used to worry about what people would say or think about her, to someone who makes a conscious choice to put herself first. “I am in a way healthier position now than where I was years ago,” she says during her Zoom interview with MEGA. “I love myself and I am surrounded by people who constantly remind me that I am worthy of love and attention.”

Like any normal person, she used to be insecure about superficial things like weight and looks. Being in the showbiz industry didn’t make it easier for her because people generally expect celebrities to be perfect, which usually means being “stick thin and looking a certain way.” She realized that it was “hard to find a balance between wanting to promote self-love and struggling with the concept of beauty in this industry.”

Ria Atayde, a Communication Arts graduate (she went to De La Salle University and before that, St. Pedro Poveda College), sees herself as being open, accepting, and adaptable. “I’m able to adjust to people in whatever situation—the elderly, people younger than me, kids,” Ria reveals. This versatility is refreshing, and it’s nicely balanced by her attention to structure. Ria shares that she can be a bit on the obsessive compulsive (“OC”) side and admits to prefer having a plan, in general or on a daily basis. (READ MORE HERE)

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