Anne Curtis Is The 1st Filipina Celebrity To Cover Vogue Philippines

Anne Curtis is the 4th cover feature of Vogue Philippines and the first Filipina celebrity to front the magazine since it was launched in August. Photographed by Mark Nicdao, Anne is featured in the Dec 2022 – January 2023 issue wherein she talked about her influence in social media being the celebrity who sits on top for having the most followers on Instagram and Twitter platforms for years now. The Fil-Australian actress/host/endorser/concert-breaker/ambassador also delved on living the best of 2 worlds and embracing the fact while considering Philippine as her home.

When it comes to influence in realms both real and virtual, Anne Curtis is second to none. Anne talks about losing and finding confidence, always feeling “half,” and how blurred lines bring out connections.


There is one territory where the lines separating distance and localities are blurred: social media. And in that unbounded landscape, Anne Curtis reigns supreme. With 18.5 million followers, she is the most influential female celebrity in the Philippines on Instagram, with 14.8 million followers on Twitter to boot.

The sequence of moments that led to this is not unlike her story of moving away and coming home. It started with one thing, then burgeoned into an entity larger than herself.

First, she was on the social networking site Friendster, then Myspace, another social networking site founded a year before Facebook. Then Twitter came along.

“It was live, instant sharing of random thoughts,” she recalls. In 2009, Anne joined the daily noontime variety show It’s Showtime as co-host, which propelled her into public consciousness. Years later, she started her Instagram account, and quickly, she witnessed the exponential rise of her followers. Her influence skyrocketed.

“All of a sudden, around five years ago, social media just blew up,” she says. “The interaction with my followers changed. And you realize the power your platform holds. I stay true to my roots by not having a curated feed, but of course, work has now come via the platform.” When she got a bob cut in late 2022, for instance, her fans would tag her on photos of them getting the same hairstyle. Social media is, after all, a tool, and everyone selects how to wield this. Anne does so with her electric, inimitable charm. Alongside posts of mommy duties and glam shots, the UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador also uses her media accounts to spread awareness of relevant social issues in the country.

The gestalt of instant connections and personal interactions may have brought celebrities down to earth’s grounds—it makes them “more human,” as Anne describes it. She remembers those early years in her career when she could only interact with her fans through meet and greet, and through the more traditional fan mail. “That’s what’s great, again, about having this platform. Now, they can see ‘the real you’ even more. It’s a stronger connection.” (READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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