Black Wide Leg Trouser Casual Style: Ashley Ortega, Janine Gutierrez, Julia Barretto, Kathryn Bernardo, Marian Rivera, & Sarah Lahbati

The black wide leg trouser trend was huge in 2022 and it is staying in 2023. The wide trouser/pants is not just part of a chic and professional ensemble day at the office anymore. The trouser has gotten a very laid-back treatment pairing it with a simple top, flat shoes, and sometimes even sneakers for a casual day. Be inspired by how Ashley Oortega, Janine Gutierrez, Julia Barretto, Kathryn Bernardo, Marian Rivera, and Sarah Lahbati wore their Black Wide Leg Trouser.

Just to let you know, there are other celebs sporting the black wide leg trouser trend like Anne Curtis, Jasmine Curtis, Sofia Andres, and a few more but I couldn’t find photos of them standing. I prefer to feature standing photos to get the whole effect. (wink wink, my favorite fashionistas) 😉☺️

Ashley Ortega is chic and fun in a matching pinstripe coat and trouser with a white cropped tank top and sneakers. (April 2023)

Janine Gutierrez is so casual in her white cropped top and pinstripe trousers with cap-toe flats during a visit to her old school. (April 2023)

Julia Barretto traveled chic to Italy in her black trousers with white tank top and the ever-classic white button shirt as a cover up. (May 2023)

Kathryn Bernardo looking fierce and NOT “A Very Good Girl” in her stitched cropped white top and trouser paired with black pumps during the announcement of her 2 upcoming movie projects. (March 2023, John Valle)

Marian Rivera was stunning in her white off-the shoulder top and ALAÏA corset belted black trouser paired with platform heels during contract renewal for an endorsement. (May 2023)

Sarah Lahbati was the epitome of chic and casual in Spain wearing a cropped blazer over tan tank top and black trousers paired with black loafers, (April 2023)

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