Supernanny Jo Frost Comments On Boundaries Regarding The Lea Salonga Dressing Room Incident

Supernanny and Global Parenting Expert Jo Frost made a comment on the post of New York Live TV in the video they’ve posted on Instagram when Lea Salonga was a guest on the show wherein the Tony-award winner quickly discussed what recently happened with a “fan” in her dressing room. I’m sure we’ve all seen the viral video and have made and read all the opinions about it too. If you’re not familiar with Supernanny Jo Frost, she had a show in UK from 2004 to 2008 and the US version aired from 2005 to 2011. The show was about helping parents in parenting and family matters. Supernanny came back for a 20-episode season in 2020 and was aired on Lifetime Channel. You can also watch episodes on YouTube if you’re interested. These days I’ve been following and taking some of her advice via her Instagram account, @jofrost. Anyway, whether you agree with her or not, it’s worth looking at her perspective once in a while. Regarding the “fan” barging in on Lea Salonga’s dressing room incident, Supernanny says, “Boundaries full stop.” There you go.

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