Netizens Noticed A More Confident Kathryn Bernardo During An Interview

During the interview for the announcement of “Hello, Love, Again” movie starring Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo, reprising their “Hello Love Goodbye” roles as Ethan and Joy, respectively, people noticed a more mature Kathryn while expressing her thoughts. Most netizens, including yours truly, pointed out that she’s just more confident now as oppose to previous years where she’s economical(as someone pointed out) with her words. Most of the comments felt that Kathryn had to limit her words to appease someone else’s feelings. And of course, without mentioning any names I think we can all deduce who that is. Because she had to think too much or avoid showing how articulate she really is to not offend or hurt someone else’s sensibilities(*ahemEGOahem*), Kathryn seemed pabebe in the ways she would answer questions in the past. Read all the comments below and let us know if you agree or disagree. In any event, I for one like this more confident side of Kathryn. Go You!!!

Dexie Jane

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