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Filipinas In Showbiz is an independent Pinoy showbiz blog that is not affiliated with any celebrities, networks, managers, road managers, or fan groups. FIS was created back in 2009 out of love for Marian Rivera and affinity for Claudine Barretto and KC Concepcion, as well as changing the internet perception of the word FILIPINA. When you type FILIPINA or Pinay on search engines, chances are you’ll get some type of mail-order bride websites. I got involved in a global campaign along with numerous Filipino bloggers to change that. There are a lot of hardworking Filipinas we can all be proud of and most of them are in the Pinoy showbiz industry.

A few years ago, my efforts paid off.

Throughout the years it expanded to a full showbiz blog catering to basically everything and everyone involved in showbiz. Around mid 2016, FIS has gotten so big that I’ve started to neglect my personal lifestyle blogs on top of my freelancing jobs. It was hard for me to find time to write on every blog every day while keeping up with the ones that help pay the bills. That’s when I’ve decided to incorporate FIS into my personal lifestyle blog since I already have an Entertainment section here anyway. I understand that it confused a lot of people. To this day I’m still conflicted about this decision. There are some days when I want to separate FIS again but then life keeps happening so for now, FIS stays here.

With that said, nothing else has changed. I am still blogging about Pinoy showbiz(Along with other categories within the personal blog. I hope you check them out too) because this is pretty much a guilty pleasure for me. I can’t stop having an outlet to help promote Marian Rivera and all the other artistas I’ve come to love and admire. Of course, the feisty attitude remains because that’s who I am(hence, Feistymomma and Feistycook) and I have opinions 😉 .

Whether FIS gets it’s own space again or stays here, it will still be an independent blog with no exclusive affiliation to any celebrities, networks, managers, road managers, or fan groups. To explain the latter – fan groups – it means, even though I consider myself a DongYan fan or a Marian Rivera/Dingdong Dantes fan, this blog is not a property of any established fan groups or organizations. While I manage some social media accounts pertaining to me being a fan girl, this blog is and will always be an independent entity. Neither FIS nor I get personal compensation for whatever I write about. It’s purely a hobby and the need to express an opinion if need be and continuing to promote the Yan Ang Pinay cause. Nothing more nothing less. Filipinas In Showbiz is owned, managed, and paid for by none other than the blogger herself, Dexie Jane Rivera Wharton.

For inquiries/press releases, e-mail me at filipinasinshowbiz@gmail.com or dexie76@gmail.com.
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Mother of 2. She drinks a lot of coffee on weekdays and she drinks wine on the weekend. She also eats a lot of chocolate, pork, and sushi.